Q: When should I swipe my OTC Network card to receive the discount?

A: Swipe your card after all your items have been scanned at checkout.

Q: Can I still get a discount even if the item is not eligible for purchase with my OTC Card?

A: Yes, discounts are available regardless of item eligibility.

Q: If there is an in-store discount on an eligible savings item, will I still receive the OTC Network discount?

A: In-store discounts are always processed first and other discounts may or may not process. Please check with the retailer to verify if you can use more than one discount.

Q:I swiped my OTC Network card at a participating retailer and I did not receive a discount on any items?

A: All cardholder questions should be answered by the card Issuer. For example, if you have been issued a card from a health plan, you should contact your health plan member services team for support. The number should be located on your health plan member ID.

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